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Assembly 3186 Honor Guard

Faithful Navigator David Martinez

Faithful Comptroller John Rincon

Faithful Friar Tien-Tri H Nguyen

Faithful Captain Fred Reade

Faithful Admiral Anthony Abeyta

Faithful Purser Louis Nolan

Faithful Pilot Santiago Palacio

Faithful Scribe Unassigned

Inner Sentinel Marc Hintz

Outer Sentinel Manuel Estrada

One Year Trustee  Jon Kirkwood

Two Year Trustee John Robledo

Three Year Trustee William Sutton

Color Corps Commander: Santiago Palacio

image-20170905-160917864 (1).jpg
Chalice inscription.jpg

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Chalice Program 

The chalice program is a tradition started in 1948 to provide a memorial chalice to priests all over the world.  As a Sir Knight you may choose to purchase a chalice and have your name inscribed.  For more information contact Faithful Comptroller David Martinez.  

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