Assembly 3186 Honor Guard

Faithful Navigator John C Rincon

Faithful Comptroller David R Martinez

Faithful Friar Tien-Tri H Nguyen

Faithful Captain Fred A Reade

Faithful Admiral Anthony P Abeyta

Faithful Purser Louis Nolan

Faithful Pilot Santiago A Palacio

Faithful Scribe Unassigned

Inner Sentinel Marc A Hintz

Outer Sentinel Manuel E Estrada

One Year Trustee John Robledo

Two Year Trustee William C. Sutton

Three Year Trustee Tom Lett

Color Corps Commander: Santiago Palacio

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Chalice inscription.jpg

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Chalice Program 

The chalice program is a tradition started in 1948 to provide a memorial chalice to priests all over the world.  As a Sir Knight you may choose to purchase a chalice and have your name inscribed.  For more information contact Faithful Comptroller David Martinez.